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Burst pipes can cause major water damage to your home and can result in a costly occurrence. JTS Plumbing’s emergency plumbers in the South Coast will put an end to all your burst pipe or leaking pipe problems!

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Burst pipe repairs and replacements

Burst pipes can increase your water bill drastically. A burst pipe is despised by homeowners and many homeowners are unprepared to handle such an unexpected occurrence.

The nature of a burst pipe emergency indicates that you’ll be caught off guard when a water pipe suddenly burst  and pouring water all over the floor of your home.

Causes of burst pipes

Water pipes are not made to last forever and over time, they will start to weaken, split open or burst completely, if they aren't maintained regularly. As water pipes age, the surface of the pipe are known to become thinner and less efficient, to a point when it results in a burst pipe. As the water pipes endure consistent water pressure, over time it can weaken the pipe and cause a rupture in the pipe itself. In the South Coast KZN area, it is a common occurrence where tree roots that grows near the water sources, can grow around water pipes beneath the ground and ultimately cause a pipe to burst.

Leaking Water Pipe Damages

Burst pipe risks

A bursting water pipe can causes a great amount of property damage and also safety issues, especially for the elderly and children. A burst pipe inside the roof or walls can leak water all over your living area, kitchen or bathroom, damaging all furniture and structures. Burst and leaking pipes can result in situations where mold, bacteria and pathogens flourish.

Quickly repair burst pipes

To minimize damages to your property due to a leaking or burst pipe at your home in the South Coast, JTS Plumbing recommend to call one of our emergency plumbers as quickly as possible to conduct all burst pipe or leaking pipe repairs for you. The sooner our South Coast plumbers are at the burst pipe occurrence, the less water damage you will sustain.

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