Choosing the correct geyser blanket

Insulation benefits a geyser’s performance and efficiency. However, we will be looking at how a geyser blanket can also increase the overall efficiency of a geyser and its pipes.

Geyser and pipe insulation

To make your geyser more efficient, you insulate the geyser and its pipes which allows thermal energy to heat to be trapped inside for longer. When heat is trapped inside your geyser for longer periods, your geyser will provide you with more hot water being available before it will need to boil cold water again, thus saving you money on your electrical bills.

To comply with SANS 10400-XA regulations, most of the geysers in the South African market, already comes pre-manufactured with insulation materials integrated to them. By implementing insulation to this geyser systems and their pipes, you can reduce your energy consumption up to 100kwh per year. Savings on thermal heat loss becomes more important if your geyser is old. However, you can save, on average, R200 to R300 per year while, a geyser blanket cost about R200 which you can pay back with the money you save on it.

Choosing the perfect blanket and pipe insulation

Choosing the right geyser blanket, you need to look at the level of thermal resistance of the geyser blanket. This measurement is usually found by examining the R-value which represents how well the material of the blanket can trap thermal energy or heat.  The higher the R-value rating, the better-quality product you will receive. A good R-value rating would be 1.25 or higher. Don’t make the mistake to buy the thickest geyser blanket while it’s R-value rating can be lower due to its specific material design.

There are two methods for insulating pipes. The pipes can be insulated by using the exact material used for the geyser blanket. However, make sure that the geyser blanket is larger in size in comparison to the geyser to secure unused scraps. The alternative method would be to use pre-formed pipe sections which can be attached over the pipes.

Install a geyser blanket and pipe insulation

Our plumbers at JTS Plumbing can quickly and effectively provide and install your geyser blanket for you. It is a very simple and quick installation. See the provided video from Eskom, explaining the geyser blanket installation below:

Geyser blanket installations

It has never been easier to install geyser blankets, insulation on pipes or complete electrical or solar geysers with JTS Plumbing.

Geyser Blanket Installations
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