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Distribution boards contains all the circuit breakers which are also known as a fuse box. Distribution boards or DB boards are the main electricity distribution point in your home or office.  JTS  electricians are qualified and provide professional distribution board repairs and installation in all areas of Johannesburg and Pretoria.

Electrical distribution boards

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How do DB-boards work?

How do distribution boards work?

Electrical current from the grid is split into  electrical  circuits which are placed inside the distribution board. A circuit breaker is a good form for protection against electrical surges, electrical contact or short-circuits in your home or office. The electrical circuit breakers can switch off power to specific electrical appliances or all appliances in the case of any electrical emergency or problem.

A DB board regulates the flow of electricity inside your home or office. A DB board allows the owner to power off electricity to lights, plugs, geysers, doorbells, gate motors or any additional electrical device connected to your home.

Where To Find a DB Board

Where will I find a DB board?

DB boards can be found in kitchens, garages, or any applicable location inside your home. A DB board usually is a metallic cover which can be easily opened and would contain circuit breakers.

DB board inspections

JTS electricians offer DB board inspection to ensure that your power flow is working properly, and we conduct professional and in depth troubleshooting on DB boards to ensure your DB board distributes electricity effectively and will switch the electricity off automatically in the case of electrical problems.

Distribution Board Inspections By JTS Electricians
Distribution board repairs

DB board repairs by electricians

JTS offer DB board repairs by electricians in all areas of Johannesburg and Pretoria. If you need bigger or new circuit breakers, rewiring or experiencing major distribution of electricity problems, give our electricians a call today for all your DB board repairs. We strongly advise not to conduct DB board repairs or installations yourself as electricity can be dangerous to work with and if something has not been properly configured, you can risk the lives of your household due to circuit breakers not tripping the power automatically in a case of accidental contact with electricity. Therefore, we provide skilled and licensed electricians to conduct all the necessary inspections, installations and repairs for your distribution boards, circuit breakers and electrical rewiring services.

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