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Electrical services by professional electricians by  JTS  electrical. Get in touch with our team of electricians today for any electrical services you require.

 electricians are qualified and provide professional distribution board repairs and installation in all areas of Johannesburg and Pretoria.

Professional electrician services

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Gauteng’s premier residential and commercial electrical contractor.

JTS Electrical provides reliable and helpful electrical services to residents and commercial entities in Gauteng. We are a fully licensed electrical contractor company, and our electrical work is insured. Our expert team of electricians are always ready to assist with electrical repairs or electrical installation work in all areas of Johannesburg and Pretoria.

General Electrical Repairs

General electrical repairs

For any general electrical repairs you require, get in touch with our electricians today. We repair and replace faulty electrical outlets, electrical switches, electrical lights, geysers, solar geysers, solar equipment and electrical appliances. We also restore electricity in situations where it failed, replace faulty smoke detectors, repair or replace gate motors and do all ceiling fan repairs when required. If there is anything electrical with problems, we can fix it! get in touch with us for all general electrical repair work and we will ensure that all your electrical appliances and electrical system will function as new. 

Circuit and electrical rewiring

You’ve bought the latest electrical appliances for your new kitchen but it will require reliable power to function, that’s where we come in! JTS Electrical offers a wide variety of custom electrical wiring jobs. Contact our team of electricians today for any more information regarding your needs for custom electrical wiring installations. 

Our team of professional electricians will assist you with the planning and to determine the amount of electrical circuits required and they will also complete every step of the installation process as required. All our electrical rewiring work will contain a CoC certificate to ensure the safety for your household. 

Circuit and Electrical Rewiring
Residential Electrical Repairs

Residential electrical repairs

For any residential electrical repairs required, from basic electrical replacements to complicated electrical rewiring projects, JTS Electrical is the one and only electrician company you will ever need. There is literally no electrical job too big or small for our team of electricians to handle.

Tripping lights

JTS Electricians has repaired tripping light problems in Gauteng for years. Our team of electricians will inspect and repair all your tripping light problems no matter where you reside in Gauteng. 

What causes tripping lights?

Tripping lights could be caused by water leakages, faulty circuit breakers or electrical shorts. There can be many causes for lights to trip power in your home, therefore, JTS Electrical would recommend to contact one of our electricians to conduct a inspection on your tripping lights and provide the necessary repairs or replacements as required.  

Electrical rewiring

Electrical rewiring is not an easy task and should never be taken lightly. Every home in Johannesburg or Pretoria, may need the services from a professional electrician now and then, but rewiring services is definitely one service we would not recommend to do yourself. Even if you read a lot of articles online or watch YouTube videos, electrical rewiring is just not that simple and can be extremely dangerous. 

Professional electrical rewiring services by JTS Electrical 

JTS Electrical will ensure you have a peace of mind when we do all the electrical rewiring for your home in a safe and professional manner.  Our electricians will ensure that your power is turned off and also test that the power is indeed off before doing any electrical home rewiring services. Our electricians will inspect your cable AMP ratings and that all the circuits receives the correct AMP ratings. Also, the electrician will inspect all electrical connections and look for any faulty connections between the conductors to eliminate a potential fire hazard.  For reliable home electrical rewiring services which includes a professional electrician who will work safely, effectively, efficiently and avoid any risks, contact JTS Electrical today!

Electrical Rewiring Electrician Service
Tripping Power Repairs Electrician Service

Tripping power repairs

Tripping power can be a great nuisance to your home. When the power trips or goes off, it is usually the circuit breakers at your DB board switching off the electricity flow to your home. There can be a very wide variety of reasons for tripping power to occur. We recommend getting in touch with one of our emergency electricians to conduct an inspection as to why your power keeps on tripping and also provide your home with a solution and the correct tripping power repairs required.

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