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Emergency geyser repair services

How does a geyser work?

Emergency geyser repair services from JTS Plumbing. A geyser is usually installed against a wall or, in most cases, inside of a roof. Also, the geyser is directly connected to the main water source of your home. Coldwater is flushed inside of the geyser and the electrical element inside of the geyser immediately starts to warm the water to a specific temperature using a thermostat.

Common geyser problems

If you experience water not being as hot as it should be you can contact a licensed  plumber  to a full geyser inspection to adjust the geyser temperature or inspect for other problems which can cause an unstable temperature of your water. In many cases, a burst geyser can present a variety of symptoms like leaking water, drop in hot water temperature and many more. No matter what kind of geyser you have, may it be  electric,  solar geyser  or gas geysers, any geyser can at times experience problems. Here are a few hot water geyser problems which commonly occur in many homes around Johannesburg and Pretoria.

Emergency Geyser Repair Services And Maintenance
Emergency Geyser Repair Services

Water leaking from a geyser

Water leaking from a geyser can happen at the top of a geyser or the bottom of the geyser. Topwater leaking geysers may indicate an inlet valve where the cold water is connected to may be leaking. If the geyser is leaking at the bottom part, it may indicate a burst geyser and the best possible solution is a geyser replacement service.

No hot water geyser problems

No hot water producing geyser may indicate a faulty geyser system. Our licensed  plumbers  will need to first inspect your circuit breakers to determine if there’s any power tripping. Also, the heating element can be inspected to determine if the geyser’s heating element may be the cause of no hot water availability. The geyser inspection services should always be conducted by a licensed plumber or electrician from  JTS Plumbing. Doing the inspections or attempting the geyser repairs yourself may lead to more damages and also serious injuries.

Geyser Element Thermostat Repairs
No Hot Water Geyser Problems

Hot water is not enough from geyser

When the geyser fails to produce insufficient amounts of hot water, it may be an indication of a thermostat problem. A thermostat’s temperatures can be adjusted yourself but in many cases, the temperature is locked at factory settings and would require a licensed emergency  plumber  to intervene and assist you. Our registered emergency plumber will inspect your geysers thermostat and also check to see if there are any loose wires or any other problem to your geyser.

Water from geyser is too hot

Too hot water can also be related to the thermostat which could be set at a too high setting. Call  our  emergency plumbers who will quickly assist you if you’re unsure about changing thermostat configurations.

Geyser noises

If your geyser makes noises, it can indicate leaking water, scale build-up on the geyser element or deposits on the bottom of the geyser’s tank. Preventing further damages or risking a bursting geyser, call our emergency plumbers for immediate geyser maintenance services.

Water takes too long to heat up

There are several reasons which can cause a geyser taking too long to heat cold water. A burst geyser is a big indication of such a problem. But no matter what the problem may be, our team of professional emergency plumbers can quickly inspect your geyser and make the necessary repairs or installations as required.

Emergency geyser repair services in Johannesburg and Pretoria

Geyser maintenance

Regular plumbing and geyser maintenance may prevent unexpected geyser failures or problems to arise. Our  emergency plumbers and electricians  offer geyser services to maintain and repair all geyser related problems to keep your geyser in great working condition, therefore, preventing bursting geysers in your home.

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