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24/7 Emergency plumbers

Emergency plumber services from JTS Plumbing. Our highly skilled and licensed team of 24/7 emergency plumbers offer fast and affordable plumbing solutions for any plumbing emergency 24 hours of the day, 7 days a week and 365 days of the year. Get in touch with one of our emergency plumbers by getting an instant free quote for your plumbing emergency in your local area. For electrical problems, we offer emergency  electricians  across Johannesburg and Pretoria.

Local emergency 24/7 plumber

No matter what kind of plumbing emergency you might face, our  local  emergency plumber around Pretoria and Johannesburg can help. Whether you’re facing a leaking pipe, blocked drain, faulty geyser or burst pipe in your garden, we have an emergency plumber ready in your local area to assist you as soon as possible.

Our local emergency  plumber  in your area is available all hours of the day 24/7. No matter the time of night or day, you can rely on our excellent emergency plumbing services. Therefore, if you require and emergency plumber today, call us on 081 300 0671.

24/7 Emergency plumbing service

Emergency plumbing problems can arise at any time without warning.

. Our emergency plumbers are determined to quickly deliver on high quality and exceptional service for all your emergency plumbing problems. At the time when we receive your call, our on-call emergency plumber immediately gets dispatched to offer excellent emergency plumbing service to your plumbing problems.

Common Plumbing Problems Plumbing Solutions

Common emergency plumber problems and solutions

Our emergency plumbers follow routines for common plumbing emergency problems to quickly determine the best solutions.

Overflowing toilets

An overflowing toilet can be a great nuisance to any home. Overflowing toilets can also cause serious damages to a bathroom. Luckily, our emergency plumbers are always on call to offer overflowing toilet plumbing solutions as fast as possible. Our emergency plumbers work fast and effectively to minimize any more water overflowing from your toilet, thus, preventing more damages to your bathroom. Overflowing toilet plumbing problems can not only damage bathroom furniture but also walls, the door and in many cases the floors. Working fast and efficiently during toilet overflowing scenarios is crucial to our emergency plumbers.

Burst pipes

Burst pipes can leak about 378 liters of water in just 7 hours which can add a hefty amount to your monthly water bill. Our emergency plumbers take the necessary steps to quickly ensure any burst pipe is repaired and restored. Hereby, you’ll  save water  and your water pipe will be restored like new.

Blocked drains

Emergency plumbers form  JTS Plumbing  can provide quick and effective plumbing solutions for any emergency blocked drain problem. Our emergency plumbers can unblock kitchen, bathroom or any other blocked drain that you might have.

Leaking water pipes

Leaking pipes don’t always seem like a big issue until the leaking pipe gradually develops into a more serious plumbing problem. It is always a best option to call  JTS Plumbing  emergency plumbers to quickly inspect, determine the location of the water pipe leak and effectively conduct the leaking pipe repairs as soon as possible.

What makes our emergency plumbers the best?

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Plumbing advice for homeowners

During plumbing emergencies, if any leak or burst pipe, burst geyser or any other plumbing emergency is encountered, we advise the home owner to always turn of the main water supply to his or her home. By switching off the water supply, you may prevent further damages to your home or furniture due to water leaks. Also, water leaks can cause serious injury especially to children and elderly people when slipping and falling.  During any plumbing emergency, call our professional emergency plumbers to quickly resolve your plumbing problems and have your home safe and water free the same day.

Things to do when facing plumbing problems

Running or leaking toilet

If your toilet keeps leaking water or keeps running, it may indicate a few common leaking toilet problems. A toilet clog or a float mechanism can be the root cause of the problem. Switch off the water supply to the toilet with the tap usually next to the toilet itself. Also, contact our emergency plumbers to quickly do all your leaking toilet repairs.

Leaking water pipes

If you suspect a specific water pipe to be leaking water, you can, in most cases, turn off the water supply with a dedicated valve that controls the flow of water to the pipe. If you experience a leaking water pipes in your walls, paving or roof, it is advisable to turn off the water supply at your main supply.

Electrical and solar geyser problems

The most common electrical or solar water geyser problems are the temperatures of the water not being high enough. Also, the water could have a rusty color or at times even smell bad. This usually indicated that the electrical or solar water geyser efficiency levels have decreased. These geyser problems can be countered by trying to flush the geyser’s tank.

Burst hot water geyser

If you suspect your geyser has burst, don’t try to conduct repairs to your geyser, instead, call our emergency plumbers to assist you. Our emergency plumbers are experts in inspecting faulty water geysers and also replacing your old burst geysers with a new high-quality geyser system.

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