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Freezer repair services by professional electricians and plumbers around Johannesburg and Pretoria. We conduct your freezer repairs efficiently.


Freezer repairs by professional technicians. A freezer is an excellent appliance keeping food frozen and cold for later use. The worse thing that can happen is when a freezer breaks down. Most of the time, foods can go off quickly, especially during hot summer days. When the freezer doesn’t freeze anymore, water can leak on the floor when the crystallized water melts inside the freezer.

JTS Plumbing has a team of professional plumbers who can effectively and quickly inspect freezer problems and conduct all the necessary repairs to your faulty freezer. Also, JTS Plumbing is a leading appliance and freezer repair specialist company in Johannesburg and Pretoria with their local surrounding areas. We offer freezer repair services to all brands of freezers in South Africa.


Before you give one of our professional technicians a call, here are a few things to check to determine the cause for having a faulty freezer.

  1. Make sure the freezer is plugged in and is switched on.
  2. Also, make sure the correct temperatures is set for the freezer especially during very hot summer days.


There is many reasons as to why your freezer may be overheating. The most common cause for an overheating freezer is related to the thermostat. JTS plumbing wouldn’t recommend to do self repairs on your thermostat, you can call our professional technicians from our company instead to be sure the job is done right the first time without any injuries or mistakes. We offer emergency plumbers and electricians to quickly respond to your needs.

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