Fridge repair services

Fridge repair services

Our  plumbers  and electricians specialize in repairs of all types and brands of fridges. We have been offering fridge repair services in  Johannesburg and Pretoria  for years by our skilled plumbers and electricians.

Our local  plumbers  and electricians are always locally available and on call for all your fridge repair services in and around Pretoria and Johannesburg. If you experience a faulty fridge, don’ hesitate to call JTS Plumbing for a professional and licensed  plumber or electrician  to conduct all your fridge repairs. We offer fridge repair and maintenance services for all major  brand  fridges.

Fridge Repair Services

Affordable fridge repairs

JTS Plumbing  ensures that all our appliance and fridge repair services are affordable for everyone in the Gauteng area. We also ensure that our fridge repair service prices are completive and affordable top all our clients. Get affordable fridge repairs and professional appliance repair services from  JTS Plumbing  today.

Affordable Fridge Repair Services
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