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We offer professional geyser installation services. A registered plumber is required to conduct all your geyser installation and maintenance requirements.


Everyone wants to take a bath in hot water especially after a long day at work. By having a geyser installed to your home, hot water is always available when we need it. Many of us take our geysers for granted until it stops working and there is no more hot water available. Luckily, our plumbers are skilled to provide full geyser inspections, repairs and installations if there are problems with your existing hot water geyser.

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A registered plumber from JTS Plumbing is required to conduct all your geyser maintenance, repair, and installation requirements. Installing a geyser yourself can result in a geyser not being in a trustworthy condition. Also, inexperienced geyser installation services can result in injury or even death. Instead, call our licensed plumbers and be sure that your geyser gets properly installed. 

There are several important steps to follow to properly install a geyser to the plumbing standards of South Africa. Also, all our plumbers and electricians can provide you with a emergency CoC for every geyser installed or repaired in your home. Our plumbers will ensure that you’re never left without hot water.

Geyser installation services - JTS Plumbing

JTS Plumbing Services:

Our plumbers are fully equipped to assist with any geyser repair or replacement. Focusing on service means, an all hour service and that is what we offer.
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Leaking pipe repairs done, all hours of the day and night. Our plumbers carry nearly all stock to ensure that we can repair your leaking pipe on the spot.
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No matter how bad your blockage is we are able to clear your blocked drain, toilet or sewer line as we use the latest technology and experience that spans over 25 years.
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Solar geyser repairs and installations is what we do daily throughout the Gauteng area. We offer a repair service all hours of the day and night.
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Leaking toilets is our specialty because we have everything needed to ensure a first-time fix. No matter how bad the leak. Domestic and commercial toilet leaks are repaired by us daily.
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Our plumbers are fully certified and qualified, using the latest plumbing tools and procedures to ensure a first-time fix. The leaks do have an enormous impact on your water and lights bill. We strive towards excellence in service, saving you money.
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Does your geyser give you problems? Are you without hot water? JTS Plumbing can do a full geyser inspection and carry our all geyser repairs as required.
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We offer skilled plumbers who can do any type of plumbing installation you might require. We do residential, commercial and industrial plumbing installations. We ensure that your plumbing system will work as it should.
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Need a new look to an old bathroom or do you require a completely new bathroom for your home? We offer bathroom renovation services which include plumbing and electrical installations.
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Kitchen renovation services for a modern and new looking kitchen, by our professional renovation team, which consist of plumbers, electricians and construction workers.
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A blocked drain can cause frustrations in a home due to the smell and that many plumbing devices may be out of service. Our plumbers can quickly and effectively repair all your blocked drain problems.
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Do you have a broken toilet? If your toilet is beyond repair, we can install a new working toilet into your home. Also, we offer all types of toilet repair services, no matter what the problem your toilet might be causing.
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Our top notch plumbers install water storage tanks to be used as a water backup to your house or business and also for rain harvesting etc.
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