Geyser installation and repair services

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Geyser installation and repairs

General geyser installations

Everyone wants to take a bath in hot water especially after a long day at work. By having a geyser installed to your home, hot water is always available. Many of us take our geysers for granted until it stops working and there is no more hot water available. Luckily, our plumbers are skilled to provide full geyser inspections, repairs and installations if there are problems with your existing hot water geyser.

Replacing and installing a geyser

A registered  plumber  from  JTS Plumbing  is required to conduct all your geyser maintenance, repair, and installation requirements. Installing a geyser yourself can result in a geyser not being in a trustworthy condition. Also, inexperienced geyser installation can result in injury or even death. Instead, call our licensed plumbers and be sure that your geyser gets properly installed. There are several important steps to follow to properly install a geyser to the plumbing standards of South Africa. Also, all our plumbers and electricians can provide you with a  plumbing and electrical  CoC for every geyser installed or repaired in your home. Our plumbers will ensure that you’re never left without hot water.

Geyser Installation Services JTS Plumbing
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