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What makes Hyde Park Plumbers and Electricians from the best? JTS offers affordable and expert plumbing services and electrical services that’s backed up by our workmanship and parts guarantees.

We are long established and focus on a top notch service that builds trust. Our plumbers and electricians are qualified and have years of experience on small and large jobs. We only supply quality parts. JTS Hyde Park technicians do  repairs, installations and issue certificates of compliance where required according to the latest industry standards.

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About Hyde Park

Hyde Park is a very wealthy suburb of Johannesburg, South Africa. It borders Illovo, Sandhurst, and Craighall Park. Hyde Park is located in Region B of the City of Johannesburg Metropolitan Municipality.

Area: 2,8 km²
Postal code (street): 3370
Municipality: City of Johannesburg
Province: Gauteng

Hyde Park Plumbers and Electricians - JTS Plumbing

Hyde Park Electrical Services

Looking for a Hyde Park Electrician? 

When you need an electrician in your area to safely and expertly install, repair, troubleshoot and setup electrical components you don’t have to look far! Hyde Park Electrical Services provides everything you need. JTS electricians have experience in residential and industrial electrical services and have the qualifications to back it up. No job too big or too small for our full attention and quality work!

Hyde Park Electrical Inspections include preventative and statutory electrical inspections on all electrical installations. We inspect, fault find and report on all electrical systems to provide a safe, efficient and compliant environment.

We inspect your electrical systems (both 1-phase and 3-phase) and issue an Electrical Certificate of Compliance (ECOC) verifying that an electrical installation is compliant with regulation. Our master electricians can provide both the yellow CoC (basically general installations) and the blue CoC (reticulation work.) For Hyde Park Electrical Compliance Certificates contact us now.

Hyde Park Electrical Repairs fix any sort of electrical device that stops working properly or becomes dangerous. This includes everything electrical on your property.

We conduct corrective maintenance, preventative maintenance and predictive maintenance. Hyde Park Electrical Maintenance saves you money and failures to electrical
systems at times when you can’t afford to be inconvenienced.

Generally speaking an electric power system is a network of electrical components that supply, transfer and use electricity. In this instance we refer to the power systems used to operate all the devices in your home, office building, complex or factory. From the main line to the plugs and lights – we service them all!

Our knowledgeable and qualified electricians replace or install new electrical wiring. Installations must be compliant and safe throughout a part of or the entire building. Again power comes in many forms. Residential and industrial electrical capacities differ greatly. Hyde Park Electrical Rewiring Services for your home or business is a service we can confidently offer you.

Distribution boards are almost like the heart of a building’s electric system. All power goes in (from the power grid or alternative power supplies (solar, generator, wind etc.)) and is safely split and directed to the property. But things can go wrong. Power surges, faulty electrical appliances, damage, wear and tear and other factors can converge at the DB Board. That’s where we come in to help. Call us for your Hyde Park DB Board Repairs as soon as you have an issue.

Tripping lights in Hyde Park? This can be a problems at the light or a problem at the circuit breaker. There are a number of reason why this can occur but if it’s not evident then call a qualified electrician who can expertly fault find and safely repair your tripping lights.

Do not ignore a circuit breaker that keeps tripping!
Reasons for power tripping regularly in Hyde Park include: too much electricity flowing through the circuit breaker, a short circuit, a ground fault, or excessive load. This safety feature can prevent overheating or electrical fires – but if the problem is not found and fixed, it will no longer be able to prevent an electrical fault from occurring.

Hyde Park Appliance Repair Technicians.
We can repair your major electrical appliances on site. We test, fault find, quote, disassemble and repair your trusty appliances. We also install appliances for you. Click on a list of household appliances that we repair and install.

For long and short power failures and power cuts in Hyde Park, JTS Electricians provide a few solutions to help you keep the lights (and everything else) on. We install backup devices that provide instantaneous, uninterrupted power. Keep your lights, appliances, security systems on when you need them.

Install Hyde Park Solar Powered Products for your home or business. We provide quality solar products and install them too. Call us for a pricelist or quote for your solar panels, solar inverters, solar batteries and solar installations.

Call Hyde Park Backup Generators for quality, reliable and competitively priced generators and installation. Petrol and diesel generators can be be installed for your home or business use. Call us to find out more.

Hyde Park Electrical Services - JTS Plumbing - Gauteng.

Hyde Park Plumbing Services

Plumbing services near me!

JTS Plumbing in Hyde Park has a team of licensed and qualified Hyde Park plumbers just for you. From the time you call us to the time the job is done we keep you advised on costs, times and our friendly staff ensures job satisfaction.

The initial visual plumbing inspection checks for signs and causes of any plumbing problems. Our Hyde Park Plumbing Inspections call for our professional plumbing inspector to conduct a comprehensive look at your plumbing system. These include indoor and outdoor pipes, supply lines and sewerage lines as well as your plumbing fixtures inside and outside your premises.

Hyde Park plumbing repairs near me includes the following jobs that we repair: Clogged drains, leaking pipes, sewer repair, dripping taps, frozen pipes, pipe replacement and pipe relocation, leaking or faulty geysers, running toilets, low water pressure, and basically any fixture in your house that is connected to the plumbing system.

Hyde Park Plumbing Installations are any and all fixtures connecting to your water lines. This includes taps, toilets, showers, baths, geysers, water storage tanks, connecting water pipes etc. No job is too big or too small for us.

Hyde Park Plumbing Compliance Certificates will be issued for most plumbing work including when electric water heating systems are installed, repaired or replaced as well as for  individual separate installations.

Hyde Park Plumbing Systems fixed quickly and effectively. Domestic and commercial plumbing repairs and installations to any and all plumbing systems. Call us today!

Hyde Park Blocked Drain Repairs need to be done by skilled and licensed plumbers. Our prices are competitive and we are results driven. We’re not here to make a quick buck! We offer a professional service.

Hyde Park Burst Pipes – replacements and repairs are inspected and fixed by our professional teams of plumbers in your area. Burst pipes cause major damage to your property and are very costly. Call our emergency plumbers to save you on excessive water bills and quickly fix burst pipes.

Contact JTS Plumbers for Hyde Park Leaking Pipe Repairs Leaky pipes can be easy to see or hidden inside walls or in the roof or even under the ground. We conduct leak detection and repair the pipe or if need be replace it entirely.

Hyde Park Detection is  sometimes necessary when leaks are hard to find. They may be hidden inside walls, inside roofs or even underground. There may also be more than one leak. So instead of breaking ground or walls to locate the leak – ask us for professional leak detection services.

Hyde Park Geyser Repairs when you find yourself in that unfortunate situation of having to replace or upgrade your geyser. You may be pleased to know that we are proficient in electric geysers, solar geysers and also solar geyser retrofitting.

In Hyde Park Burst Geysers are a big problem. Ok so a burst geyser is a big deal anywhere – so don’t try a DIY fix or an unqualified plumber to repair or replace your burst geyser. You need a pro who won’t rip you off and who can tell if the geyser really has burst – saving you money! We conduct the proper inspections and advise you before any work or payment gets done.

Call the pros! Call us! Call JTS Plumbers for any Hyde Park Geyser Installations. We are proud to offer the very best geyser installation services to all our customers. Your safety and satisfaction is our utmost concern.

Hyde Park Solar Geyser Repairs by our licensed solar geyser repair technicians in Gauteng. We ensure that your solar geyser stays in excellent working condition by repairing and maintaining your solar geyser.

Contact JTS Plumbing for top notch Hyde Park Solar Geyser Installations and Repairs. We supply competitive solar geysers, panels, batteries for your needs.

A cheaper way of having hot water using the power of the sun is to convert your existing electric geyser to a solar geyser. Hyde Park Solar Geyser Conversions are easily retrofitted to save you extra parts and labour costs. Once you have done a solar geyser conversion you will note that repairs are cheaper too!

Independent water storage solutions are becoming more important year by year. Our Hyde Park Water Tank Installation Teams have installed water storage and rain harvesting backups for both residential and commercial applications.

We provide excellent toilet repair services for common toilet faults such as leaking or blocked toilets and toilets that won’t flush. But our Hyde Park Toilet Plumbing Services also extends into upgrading and renovating your toilet to a more economical type. No job is too big or too small.

For all your Hyde Park Bathroom Renovations phone JTS Plumbing. Our expert team of builders, plumbers and electricians provide an all-in-one service. From the concept to the revamped, rebuilt or newly built bathroom with all the amenities, wiring and plumbing required.

Hyde Park Kitchen Renovations transform your old kitchen into a work of art. Design and functionality are integral. We also source the best  granite countertops and our service doesn’t just stop there.

Hyde Park Plumbing Services - JTS Plumbing - Gauteng.


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