Kitchen refurbishment services

Kitchen refurbishment services

Installing a new kitchen can appear to be a very expensive and complex project for many residents in Johannesburg and Pretoria.  JTS Plumbing  can give you the very best kitchen refurbishment services to meet all your needs while also using high quality materials at very affordable costs.

Ever wanted that special kitchen you always wanted? Are you still stuck using the worn out and used kitchen inherited by previous owners? With  JTS Plumbing  you can make your dream a reality while we can provide you with all the modern and new kitchen refurbishment services.

What is a kitchen refurbishment service?

Kitchen refurbishment, also called kitchen renovation is the complete modernization and installation of your kitchen area. This is done by removing the old kitchen and replacing it with a whole new modern kitchen with everything brand new including the plumbing. With the new kitchen renovation and plumbing services, this allows space for appliances to be installed to your preferences by our plumbers. 

Kitchen Refurbishment Service By JTS Plumbing
Kitchen Renovation And Plumbing Services

Common kitchen refurbishment services include:

All the above-mentioned statements vary upon a customer’s personal requirements and preferences.

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