leaking pipe and burst pipe repairs

Leaking pipe repairs

We at  JTS Plumbing  offer master plumbers who specialize in the repair of leaking water pipes. Leaking pipes can cause serious damages to your walls, roof, floor and other expensive furniture.

Usually leaking water pipes leaves large puddles of water, which can be an indication of a leaking pipe. But sometimes you may have leaking pipes inside your walls or roof, which may be harder to spot and when you do spot the water, it may already have done unexpected  damages  to your home.

Contact our plumbers for leaking pipe repairs in your local area. Our plumbers will quickly determine where the water pipes are leaking by using the latest plumbing tools. After discovering the water pipe leaking, our plumbers will replace your old water pipe with a new water pipe and solve all your water pipe leaking problems at your home or office.

Burst pipe repairs

Leaking pipe repairs

Burst pipe repairs by master plumbers in your local area around Johannesburg and Pretoria. Get in touch with our affordable master plumbers if you are experiencing burst pipe issues.
A burst pipe can have serious consequences, which include complete water flooding inside your home, which can be an expensive plumbing issue due to all the damage it can cause.

What is a burst pipe?

Burst pipes are a common plumbing problem that can happen to any home or business. A burst pipe can happen at any unexpected time. Pipes bursts more in times of cold weather conditions, due to the water inside the pipes freezes and expands. Expanding water inside a water pipe can lead to the water pipe bursting. If a water pipe bursts, a force of water will immediately start flooding your home.

It is advisable to hire a plumber from  JTS Plumbing  for general plumbing maintenance to ensure your pipes are in excellent working conditions, thus preventing burst pipe problems.

Our master plumbers can do all your burst pipe inspections and repairs professionally. Also, our costs related to burst and leaking pipes are very competitive and affordable. Our  emergency plumbers  are licensed and skilled for complete water pipe replacements services and also to quickly discover hidden water pipe leaks around your property. Although leaking pipes are a very common problem in the area of Pretoria and Johannesburg, our plumbers can do all the necessary leaking pipe repairs for your home.

Leaking Pipe Repairs JTS Plumbing
Burst Pipe Repairs By Plumbers

What causes a burst pipe or Leaking pipe?

Although cold weather can lead to water pipes bursting more, there are also many other reasons for water pipes to burst. Below we created more common reasons for water pipes to leak water or burst.

Apart from cold temperatures, old water pipes can lead to more pipes bursting. Water pipes are not made to last forever and the older it gets, the more it deteriorates. Due to rust from water and corrosion over time, can lead to a water pipe leaking or bursting. It is advisable to have a plumber to conduct general maintenance plumbing services to your water pipes at least every few months.

Self installations or poor installations of water pipes can also lead to water pipes deteriorating quicker which eventually leads to leaking and burst pipes. Always ensure to hire a qualified  plumber  from JTS Plumbing to ensure your water pipes and connections are done properly.

As time passes, all the chemicals of water flushing through pipes can deteriorate water pipes. Water contains oxygen, magnesium and calcium which contributes in the corroding of water pipes. A corroded water pipe can easily start leaking water or completely burst open. 

As trees grow, the roots of the tree may grow towards water pipes installed in the ground. Tree roots can puncture and damage your water pipes, which leads to leaking water and burst pipes.

Digging holes in the ground or in your walls may lead to some accidents happening. Very often a water pipe may burst due to accidental punctures due to drilling or digging accidents.

Plumber's advice for leaking pipes

Leaking pipe repairs and advice

When you suspect a leaking or burst pipe on your premises, it is recommended to turn off the water supply to your home to prevent any damages to your property and also save water. We recommend to always hire a professional plumber to do general plumbing maintenance on your water pipes and always ensure that your water pipes are working well. Never leave a corroded, old and rusty water pipe in a working position. It is recommended to replace your old water pipes before it can start leaking water or even worse, burst water into your home.

Our  emergency plumbers  can conduct routine water pipe maintenance services for your home and office. Also, our plumbers will conduct ​thorough pipe inspections and replace any old or worn out pipes at your property. 

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