What is a plumber?

A plumber is someone who obtained knowledge and who are licensed to work on a wide variety of plumbing systems. Plumbers conduct plumbing repairs, plumbing maintenance and plumbing installations for homes and businesses.  Plumbing systems  includes, toilet repairs or installations, burst water pipe repairs or replacements, water pipe installations or repairs, drain repairs or installations, burst geyser replacements and many more plumbing services. Water pipe installations or repairs are the most common plumbing service. Water pipes needs to be installed and maintained for drainage, taps to work properly, sewage and geysers to function properly. Plumbers are the people who gets their hands dirty to make sure every aspect of a home’s plumbing system is working as it should. Plumbers are qualified to set up blueprints and design a well drafted plan before they conduct any plumbing installations, renovations or repairs.

What Is A Plumber

What do plumbers do?

Plumbers do a variety of different roles inside the plumbing industry. If a pipe leaks water inside your roof or your geyser burst, a plumber can quickly do all the necessary repairs or installations to prevent water damages to your home and also ensure that you won’t be without water at your property.

Plumbers also do new complete plumbing installations such as complete home plumbing installations or garden sprinkler system installations. Therefore, a plumber has strict rules to follow to keep inside the laws of health and safety regulations. This is to ensure that your plumbing system is working well and no one gets injured after a plumbing installation or plumbing repair service has been performed.

Plumbers always test plumbing systems to ensure they’re in working standards and also safely implemented for the building. What good is a new house without water? No matter how one sees it, a plumber will always be a required friend for installing and repairing plumbing systems in any home or business.

Plumber Unblocking Toilet

Commercial plumbers

Commercial plumbers from  JTS Plumbing  are plumbers who has knowledge for large business plumbing systems. Usually it’s the same plumbing work but on a larger scale. Commercial buildings usually have many more floors, are bigger in size and have much more plumbing requirements.

Commercial plumbers conduct plumbing repairs and plumbing installations for schools, general office buildings, shopping centers, hospitals, government buildings to very large industrial buildings. Commercial plumbers are responsible for plumbing repairs, maintenance and plumbing installations of water pipes, toilets, sinks, geysers, solar geysers and many more plumbing devices in the commercial sector.

JTS Plumbing’s  plumbers are all experienced to work in all sectors including residential plumbing at your home, commercial plumbing in large businesses and industrial plumbing in big factories.

A residential plumber’s work is significantly less than commercial plumber’s work. This is because a commercial plumber faces a larger building with many more floors and bathrooms to maintain. Therefore, the larger the building and the more plumbing requirements the building has, the more plumbing problems may arise and needs to be maintained. Luckily, JTS Plumbing’s  emergency plumbers  are not scared to work hard to always keep all plumbing systems in excellent working order no matter in which sector the plumbing work is required. We also provide emergency plumber and  electricians  for electrical repair services.

Commercial Plumber Commercial Plumbing Services

Residential plumbers

Residential plumbing services

A residential plumber is the person you would usually call to do emergency plumbing repair services at your home. JTS Plumbing’s residential  master plumbers  has years of hands on experience with residential plumbing repairs and maintenance services delivered. Also, our plumbers have done anything regarding plumbing, from new building plumbing renovations and very large-scale plumbing projects to fixing a leaking water pipe inside your home.

Therefore, no matter how big or small the plumbing project is, our residential plumbers will always do every plumbing job with the utmost care and precision. Residential plumbers from JTS Plumbing will ensure that all your water pipes, toilets, faucets and geyser or solar geysers are in perfect working conditions.

Irregular plumbing repairs can lead to more plumbing breakdowns such as faulty toilets, leaking pipes, bursting pipes, blocked drains, leaking taps and burst geysers. Having one of our residential plumbers regularly do your plumbing maintenance can result in a long-lasting working plumbing system for your residence.

Leaking Tap Repairs By Residential Plumber
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