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Plumbers and electricians in Sandton by JTS Plumbing. Our highly skilled registered  plumbers  are highly recommended in Sandton for local plumbing repairs, geyser repairs and installations, drain unblocking, bathroom and kitchen plumbing for both  commercial  and domestic industries. When you experience an emergency plumbing problem, our plumbers in Sandton will conduct a plumbing inspection to provide you with a detailed overall estimation to schedule the plumbing work for your convenience. Our plumbers in Sandton, ensure to provide quality and efficient plumbing work at affordable prices.


About JTS Plumbing in Sandton


We  are professional plumbers in Sandton

JTS Plumbing  have been offering plumbing, electrical, appliance and renovation services in the greater Sandton area for more than 25 years. Thus, you are in more than capable and qualified hands when you use our Sandton plumbing and electrical services. Our dedicated teams of qualified  plumbers and electricians  in Sandton, will offer you the best possible advice and services which you deserve.

Our teams of  emergency plumbers  and electricians in Sandton, regularly attend training courses to keep abreast of the ever-changing advancements in technology, so as to ensure that you will always receive an outstanding repair or installation service from us.

If you are looking for a reliable and  licensed  emergency plumber in  Sandton, call our plumbers from JTS Plumbing now for a free  quotation.

Plumbing services  in Sandton


Below are some of the common  plumbing services  we offer to the area of Sandton.

Burst geyser  replacement in Sandton

Our plumbers in Sandton are fully equipped to assist with geyser repairs and geyser replacement services. Our Sandton plumbers are always available to assist with emergency geyser problems in Sandton.

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Leaking pipe repairs in Sandton

Leaking pipes can waste water and cause major water damages to your property in Sandton. We offer plumbing services to quickly and effectively conduct leaking pipe repairs by our local plumbers in Sandton.

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Sewerage repairs in Sandton

No matter how bad your blockage is in Sandton, our plumbers are able to clear your blocked drain, clogged toilet or sewer line as we use the latest technology and experience that spans over 25 years.

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Solar geysers in Sandton

JTS Plumbing installs and provide solar geyser repairs in Sandton. Our solar geyser repair service is available for all hours of the day and night in the area of Sandton.

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Leaking toilet repairs in Sandton

Leaking toilets in Sandton, are our specialty, because we have everything needed to ensure a first-time fix. No matter how bad the toilet leak may be. Domestic and commercial toilet leaks are repaired by our plumbers daily in Sandton.

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Leak detection in Sandton

Our plumbers are fully certified and qualified, using the latest plumbing tools and procedures to ensure a first-time fix for water leaks in Sandton. The leaks do have an enormous impact on your water and lights bill in the Sandton area. We strive towards providing excellent leak detection services and repairs in Sandton, therefore, saving you money.

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Geyser repairs in Sandton

Does your geyser give you problems at your home in Sandton? Are you left without hot water? JTS Plumbing’s plumbers in Sandton, can do a full geyser inspection and carry our all geyser repairs as required.

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Plumbing installations in Sandton

We offer skilled plumbers in Sandton, who can do any type of plumbing installation you might require. We do residential, commercial and industrial plumbing installations around Sandton. We ensure that your  plumbing system  in Sandton, will work as it should.

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Bathroom renovations in Sandton

Need a new look to an old bathroom or do you require a completely new bathroom for your home in Sandton? We offer bathroom renovation services in Sandton, which include plumbing and electrical installations.

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Kitchen renovations in Sandton

Kitchen renovation services in Sandton, for a modern and new looking kitchen, by our professional renovation team, which consist of plumbers, electricians and construction workers in the Sandton area.

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Blocked drain services in Sandton

A blocked drain in Sandton, can cause frustrations in a home due to the smell and that many plumbing devices may be out of service. Our Sandton plumbers can quickly and effectively repair all your blocked drain problems.

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Toilet repair and installation services in Sandton

Do you have a broken toilet in the Sandton area? If your toilet is beyond repair, we can install a new working toilet into your home in Sandton. Also, we offer all types of toilet repair services in Sandton, no matter what the problem your toilet might be causing.

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Appliance repair services by our Plumbers and electricians in Sandton


Our electricians in Sandton, can provide all types and brands of  appliance repair services  in and around Sandton.


Freezer repair services in Sandton

JTS Plumbing has a team of professional plumbers in Sandton who can effectively and quickly inspect freezer problems and conduct all the necessary repairs to your faulty freezer in the area of Sandton.

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Dishwasher repair services in Sandton

We have a  plumber  and an electricians locally available in all areas of Sandton, for all your dishwasher repairs and maintenance services.

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Oven repair services in Sandton

If you experience a faulty oven in the area of Sandton, there is no need to wait weeks before repairs are conducted. With JTS Plumbing, our team of licensed electricians in Sandton, ensures that all our oven repair work is done quickly and professionally.

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Washing machine repair services in Sandton

JTS Plumbing are always there for you to quickly and efficiently do all your washing machine repairs in Sandton. Therefore, relieve the stress of a non-working washing machine from you or your family.

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Fridge repair services in Sandton

If you experience a faulty fridge in Sandton, don’ hesitate to call JTS Plumbing for a professional and licensed plumber or electrician in Sandton, to conduct all your fridge repairs.

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Tumble dryer repair services in Sandton

Tumble dryer problems can occur to anyone living in Sandton, and at anytime. For all professional tumble dryer repairs in Sandton, don’t hesitate to call our skilled appliance repair technicians in Sandton today.

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