Plumbers in Johannesburg

JTS Plumbing offers emergency plumbers in Johannesburg for all your plumbing repair services and requirements

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Affordable plumbers in Johannesburg

Plumbers in Johannesburg

JTS Plumbing is proud to offer our  plumbing services  in all areas of Johannesburg. We have an emergency plumber in Johannesburg available to assist you no matter the time of the day. Our 24/7 plumbers in Johannesburg have years of experience in plumbing repairs, plumbing installations and renovation services in Johannesburg. JTS Gauteng offers professional plumbers in Johannesburg to ensure all your plumbing systems are working and you no longer need to struggle with plumbing problems in Johannesburg. 

Professional Plumbers In Johannesburg

Johannesburg plumbing services

Get in touch with our team of experienced plumbers in Johannesburg today for all your plumbing installation or repair services required.

Plumbing repairs in Johannesburg, Gauteng

JTS Plumbing  Johannesburg are experts in a wide variety of plumbing systems. We offer plumbing repairs in Johannesburg, at affordable prices. Also, we do plumbing installations, plumbing repairs and plumbing inspections to all residents in Johannesburg and surrounding areas of Gauteng. Why risk doing plumbing yourself, when JTS Plumbing Gauteng can do it professionally and guarantee our plumbing repair services in Johannesburg?

Plumbing Repairs Johannesburg
Plumbing Installers And Installations Johannesburg

Plumbing installations in Johannesburg, Gauteng

Do you require new plumbing installations at your home in Johannesburg? You’re at the right place! JTS Plumbing offers professional plumbing installations in Johannesburg, to meet your needs. Our plumbing installations offered in Johannesburg, are affordable, professional and conducted in a clean and neat manner.

Plumbing inspections in Johannesburg, Gauteng

Do you suspect a leak or are unsure that your plumbing is installed correctly at your property in Johannesburg? We at JTS Plumbing offer a dedicated and professional team of plumbers to conduct plumbing inspections in Johannesburg. You can count on us to provide you with a detailed report on your plumbing installations and any water leak inspection plumbing services in Johannesburg.

Plumbing Inspections In Johannesburg
Blocked Toilet Repairs Johannesburg

Blocked toilets in Johannesburg, Gauteng

Blocked toilets in Johannesburg is a very common occurrence. If your toilet in Johannesburg gets blocked, it’s s straight forward process for our professional plumbers. However, a blocked toilet or a leaking pipe in Johannesburg, can quickly escalate to an overflowing toilet. Water damage can cause a lot of problems to your property in Johannesburg. If you have a blocked toilet in Johannesburg, you should immediately reach out to our plumbers for assistance. If a blocked toilet in Johannesburg is left unrepaired for too long, it can lead to toxic still standing water which pose a hazard to people living in the Johannesburg home and, it can also, cause burst pipes. JTS’s plumbers will quickly and effectively conduct all your blocked toilet repairs in Johannesburg so your bathroom can be useable and in perfect living conditions again.

Leaking toilets in Johannesburg, Gauteng

Leaking toilets in Johannesburg can drastically increase your water utility bills at the end of the month. Our plumbers will inspect your leaking toilet in Johannesburg and perform certain checks to determine the reason for the leak. Our plumbers will start by inspecting the following:

  • Leaking toilet in Johannesburg fill valves
  • Leaking toilet in Johannesburg metal and plastic parts
  • Leaking toilet in Johannesburg water levels
  • Leaking toilet in Johannesburg float ball, chain and rod
  • Leaking toilet in Johannesburg flapper handle and stopper
  • Leaking toilet in Johannesburg leak inspections
  • Leaking toilet in Johannesburg gaskets for wear and cracks
  • Leaking toilet in Johannesburg pipes and connections
  • Leaking toilet in Johannesburg wax ring seal repairs
  • Leaking toilet in Johannesburg tank replacement
Leaking Toilet Repairs In Johannesburg
Leaking Pipe Repairs In Johannesburg

Leaking pipe repairs in Johannesburg, Gauteng

JTS Plumbing offers leaking pipe repairs in Johannesburg. Is your washing machine filling up slower than it usually does? Or do you see water on the floor but can not determine where it comes from? Also, do you see a sudden increase on your water utility bills at the end of the month? All this can indicate a leaking pipe at your property in Johannesburg. JTS plumbing will inspect your plumbing system and conduct the necessary leaking pipe repairs in Johannesburg. We will put an end to your water wastage due to leaking pipes in Johannesburg.

Burst pipe repairs in Johannesburg, Gauteng

Burst pipes in Johannesburg are mainly caused by freezing, tree roots, domestic accidents and water pressure. Having a burst pipe at your home in Johannesburg, can cause a stressful situation – that’s why JTS Plumbing Gauteng is here to help you. We offer burst pipe repairs in Johannesburg with emergency plumbing repair services available 24/7. Our plumbing team is highly skilled and will effectively replace or repair your burst pipes in Johannesburg. 

Burst Pipe Repairs Johannesburg
Leaking Taps Repairs In Johannesburg

Leaking tap repairs in Johannesburg, Gauteng

When you require assistance with leaking tap repairs in Johannesburg, JTS Plumbing are here to assist. Our plumbers have all the tools and skills to quickly conduct all the necessary leaking tap repairs in Johannesburg.  Our plumbers will investigate your leaking taps in Johannesburg and determine the root cause for your taps to leak. After the cause has been determined, our plumbers perform the necessary leaking tap repairs in your Johannesburg home.  

Water tap installations in Johannesburg, Gauteng

Do you require new water tap installations in Johannesburg? JTS Plumbing can help. Our plumbers will perform all the water tap installations in Johannesburg in a professional and working condition so you don’t have to struggle with it. Also, water tap installations in Johannesburg will be installed without a mess and your bathroom will be clean and neat, ready for use when our plumbers are finished.

Tap Installations In Johannesburg
Bathrrom Renovations In Johannesburg

Bathroom renovations in Johannesburg, Gauteng

Are you struggling with old, ugly and worn bathrooms for too long? JTS Plumbing has your back! We offer bathroom renovation services to Johannesburg, Gauteng. Our plumbers and technicians can transform your old bathroom into a modern, and stylish bathroom in Johannesburg. Get in touch with our team of professional plumbers for all your bathroom renovations in Johannesburg requirements.

Swimming pool repair services in Johannesburg

For swimming pool repair services in Johannesburg, be sure to give us at JTS Plumbing a call. Our team of swimming pool repair technicians in Johannesburg, can provide you with all the pool repair services you require in Johannesburg.

Swimming Pool Repairs In Johannesburg
Water Leak Detection In Johannesburg

Water leak detection in Johannesburg, Gauteng

Our team at JTS Plumbing provides the most advance water leak detection in Johannesburg. Our plumbers have the latest water leak detection tools available in Johannesburg and surrounding areas of Gauteng. Other plumbing companies may still use acoustic water leak detection in Johannesburg. JTS’s plumbers makes use of hydrogen tracer gas with a h2 probe to pinpoint water leaks other water leak detection systems in Johannesburg fails to do. Get a quote now for water leak detection services in Johannesburg by JTS Plumbing Gauteng.

Sink installation and repairs in Johannesburg, Gauteng

Sink installation and repairs in Johannesburg is what we do at JTS Plumbing. We can install all types of sinks and repair all kinds of sinks in the city of Johannesburg. A kitchen is one of the most used rooms in homes in Johannesburg. Therefore, using water is very important in kitchens for dishes and drinking. For all your sink installation and repairs in Johannesburg, be sure to get in touch with JTS Plumbing Gauteng.

Plumbers in Johannesburg
Geyser Repairs In Johannesburg

Geyser repairs and installations in Johannesburg, Gauteng

Is your geyser leaking water or leaving your home without hot water? Electrical hot water geysers services in Johannesburg is what we at JTS Plumbing Gauteng are good at. We have the solution for all your electrical geyser problems in Johannesburg. Give us a call, our plumbers will ask you a few questions regarding your problematic geyser in Johannesburg and will provide you with a quick estimated cost for the service required. We will send our plumbers located in Johannesburg to replace your electrical geyser in Johannesburg on the same day! JTS Plumbing takes responsibility for any electrical water geyser for the timeframe of the geyser’s warranty period in Johannesburg. Electrical tank hot water geysers in Johannesburg, are the most common type of geysers in Johannesburg. JTS Plumbing can install any type of geyser in Johannesburg, Gauteng. A burst geyser in Johannesburg can cause a lot of damage to your home situated in Gauteng. Therefore, our plumbers will quickly and effectively replace and repair all your geyser problems in Johannesburg.

Solar geyser installations in Johannesburg, Gauteng

JTS Plumbing is a qualified plumbing company that can quickly conduct all your solar geyser installations and repairs in Johannesburg, Gauteng. A solar geyser installed in Gauteng is very beneficial to save power and money on utility bills. Installing a solar geyser in Johannesburg incorrectly , may lead to difficult and very problematic situations for your home. For professional solar geyser installers in Johannesburg, get in touch with JTS Plumbing Gauteng today!

Solar Geyser Installers Johannesburg
Blocked Drains Repairs Johannesburg

Blocked drain repairs in Johannesburg

Don’t let blocked drains in Johannesburg waste your time or money with overprices chemicals, that don’t always work, any longer. The only way to repair a blocked drain in Johannesburg, is to remove the clog inside the drain. JTS Plumbing offers professional plumbers in Johannesburg who has the expertise to get your blocked drain in Johannesburg cleaned and repaired in record time. Rootering is an old, traditional but highly effective method which makes use of a mechanical cable that can rotate, and which is pushed into the pipe to clear sludge from the insides of the blocked drain in Johannesburg water pipes. JTS Plumbing also provides hydro-jetting services to all blocked drains in Johannesburg. We can clean and repair blocked drains in Johannesburg and all areas of Gauteng, easily and effectively at affordable costs. We specialize in drain cleaning and all other plumbing related services required in Johannesburg. Contact our team of blocked drain specialists in Johannesburg today.

Plumbing services in Johannesburg

Here is a list of the most common plumbing services in Johannesburg that we offer:

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