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A client called us in to sort out a few niggles at their house in Eldoraign.

These consisted of both electrical problems and plumbing problems in their home.

Our qualified plumbers and electricians sprang into action by installing a new ceiling fan and sorting out a faulty toilet. We are here to help you. Give us a call!

Ceiling Fan Installation and Bathroom Extractor Fan Replacements Conducted Professionally. JTS Plumbing.

Ceiling Fan and Extractor Fan Replacement in Eldoraign

Installation of new ceiling fan by removing the old one and replacing with a more modern ceiling fan. We also removed the old bathroom extractor and upgraded it to a new one.

Toilet Not Flushing and Toilet Service in Eldoraign

This same client called us in to do a toilet service. This included replacing the flushing mechanism with a giberet flushing mechanism – the best in SA – in our opinion, as the toilet was not flushing.

We removed and replaced the following toilet parts:
• flushing mechanism with giberet flushing mechanism
• the bottom inlet replaced
• a seized ball valve replaced new female ball valve
• leaking pan connector with a flexi pan connector