Common plumbing repair services

We offer a wide variety of plumbing repair services in Johannesburg and  Pretoria. Our local plumbers locally distributed near you will respond to your plumbing emergency and conduct all the required plumbing repair services to your plumbing system. Below is our most common plumbing repair services in Gauteng.

Burst geyser plumbing repair services

Having a burst geyser can be a very frustrating experience. Usually a burst geyser will leak water and also will not produce hot water as it always has. A burst geyser can also damage your furniture, floors, walls and roof.

A burst geyser can add a great amount of money on your monthly electricity and water bills. Thankfully, JTS Plumbing specializes is geyser inspections and burst geyser replacements.

Get in touch with our master plumbers and electricians today to get your burst geyser fixed.

Leaking pipe plumbing repair services

Every  water leak  start small. From a few drips which can quickly escalate to a great flooding. Every drop of water is a waste of water and it adds to your utility bills.

Leaking pipes are also a major cause for walls, floors, roof and furniture being damaged. Plumbers form  JTS Plumbing  are experts in the field of water leak inspections and repairs. We take the  old pipes  out and replace the leaking pipe with a brand new high-quality water pipe.

Call a licensed plumber today for any leaking pipes you might have and we’ll do all your leaking pipe repair effectively.
Sewerage Issues And Repairs

Sewerage plumbing repair services

Sewerage issues with your drains or pipes can be a great nuisance. Not only does it cause frustrations but it also can be hazardous to you and your pets health. The most common cause for sewerage issues which occur is due to burst sewerage pipes or blocked drains and blocked toilets.

JTS Plumbing  offers master emergency plumbers who can quickly and effectively do all your sewerage repairs and sewerage installations.

Are you experiencing any sewerage issues at your property?  Call our emergency plumbers and we’ll do all the necessary sewerage repairs for you.

Solar geyser repairs

Saving on electricity by going solar is amazing! But what if your solar geyser experience problems?

Solar geyser problems can arise at any time due to it being the solar geyser installer who made errors or the solar geyser temperature being way too hot or even hail storm damages to your solar tubes. No matter what the problem is, our solar geyser  plumbers  can do all your solar geyser repairs so you can keep on saving money going solar.

With a very good track record being a solar geyser installer and repair service provider, you can count on our plumbers for all your solar geyser repairs.

Leaking toilet plumbing repair services

A leaking toilet can be a very irritating experience. When you flush the toilet just to realize the water never stops running can be annoying to most people. Many times water leaks can physically occur which means the toilet leaks water all over your floor. And to top it off, all the leaking water is going to waste.

With JTS Plumbing, you won’t need to get your hands dirty as our  emergency plumbers  can do all your leaking toilet repairs in the same day.

Let’s put an end to your leaking toilet or toilet with water constantly running. Call us today for a free quotation and we’ll send a plumber your way immediately.

Leak Detection and Repair

Water leaks in your home can be damaging to your furniture and your home itself. Apart from the damages water can cause, leaking water also adds more costs to your monthly water bills. Nobody wants leaking water at their property.

This is exactly where JTS Plumbing comes in. Our  emergency plumbers and electricians  use state of the art and modern plumbing technologies to quickly determine the root of water leaks no matter where they are located in your  plumbing system. After the emergency plumbers has conducted the water leak inspection, he will immediately begin with the water leak repairs to put an end to water leaking in or outside your home.

Prevent more water damages to your home by contacting our emergency plumbers today for all your leak detection and water pipe repairs.
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