Solar geyser repairs

Licensed solar geyser repairs

Licensed solar geyser repair services by  JTS Plumbing  for any faulty solar geyser product. No matter what damages a solar geyser obtained, our licensed solar geyser repair technicians can provide you with all the necessary solar geyser repairs or installations your might require.

Solar geysers are excellent energy saving products, which also saves you money on your electrical utility bills. Also, solar geysers keeps a reliable flow of hot water to your home.  But, a solar geyser isn’t a device which you just plug in and it works. Installing a solar geyser requires professional and licensed plumbers for a properly installed solar geyser system to work. JTS Plumbing’s  plumbers are qualified to install and conduct solar geyser repairs on all types and brands of solar geyser products.

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Common solar geyser problems

Most solar geyser products are hail resistant, freeze resistant and resistant to overheating issues. Usually solar geysers, if properly installed, are maintenance free. But, this doesn’t mean a solar geyser can’t develop problems.

The most common problems solar geyser systems develop are:

A solar geyser which does not provide enough water to your home can be frustrating especially if it’s newly installed. The most common reason for a solar geyser not producing enough hot water is due to the solar panels being incorrectly installed.

Our licensed plumbers can conduct a solar geyser inspection and determine the hot water issue quickly and make the correct adjustments or repairs for your solar geyser.

A solar geyser’s solar panels should always be working at their full capacity for the best solar water heating results. After years, solar panels can deteriorate and lose their solar effectiveness. A solar panel should not operate under 80% of solar heating capacity. Our plumbers can inspect your solar panels and do any solar panel replacement or repair as needed for your solar panels to work at their full capacity.

Incorrectly installed solar geyser systems can cause many issues for your solar system in the long-run. Always ensure to hire a licensed solar geyser installer such as JTS Plumbing for all your solar geyser installation requirements. We also advise to never install or remove a solar geyser yourself. Solar geyser DIY may damage the solar geyser or solar panels in the process beyond repairs. An incorrectly installed solar geyser may not produce enough hot water and also, the solar panels can get loose on the roof. Call our licensed solar geyser  emergency plumbers  to ensure your solar geyser is correctly installed and is compliant to CoC certification of your home.

Many brands of solar geyser products make use of a conductor rod to heat the cold water.  Corrosion  and sediment inside the water storage tank may lead to a faulty conductor rod. The best way to determine this, is to hire our  plumbers and electricians  for an inspection who can also replace your faulty conductor rod effectively. 

Solar geysers leaking water may be due to incorrectly installed solar geysers or other damages to the solar geyser. Also, due to water pressure inside the solar geyser system, the pressure-relieve valve may begin to leak. Also pipes connected to the solar geyser can start leaking for the same reason. But no matter what caused the water leaks, our  plumbers  are always ready to assist you by finding any solar geyser water leak and conduct professional repairs for you.

JTS Plumbing’s  plumbers  will inspect all components of your solar geyser to determine any issue that your solar geyser might have. Many times, a solar geyser’s  circulation pump  may be faulty due to blockages or improper circulation pump installations. Luckily, our plumbers are skilled and experienced to conduct circulation pump repairs if possible or replace your solar geyser’s circulation pump. 

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