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Professional tap repairs and installations

Are you struggling with taps that is leaking water all the time? Contact JTS Plumbing today for all your old tap replacements and repairs. All our plumbing work is guaranteed and our plumbers ready to assist you any time of the day or night for plumbing emergencies.

JTS Plumbing will assist you by preventing your leaking bathroom taps or leaking kitchen taps to cost you a small fortune on your utility bills. To avoid leaking taps and water damages to your home, call our licensed plumbers instead.

Tap repairs and installations in Gauteng

Water taps are one of the most used plumbing fixture in a home. Taps are used for drinking water, showers, baths, basins and in your garden. Having a leaking tap or a tap not working can cause many frustrations. 

Most people around Gauteng have experience by having a leaking tap. No matter how they approached the leaking tap, they couldn’t stop the tap from leaking water.  Also, a leaking tap silently robs you from water and the results will be clear on your utility bills at the end of the month.

But thanks to JTS Plumbing for always having a plumber on call near you. Now you can relax while knowing your taps can quickly be repaired or replaced if necessary.  Our plumbers have years of experience with tap repairs and installation services completed in Pretoria, Johannesburg and surrounding areas of Gauteng. 

Problems leaking taps can present

When taps leak into a surface where the taps are installed, the surface area and cupboards can begin to rot and mold buildup can occur. This can be dangerous to your health and especially to children and elderly people.

Leaking taps usually begin with water dripping and can escalate into water flowing out of your taps. This can play a big part on your water bills increasing every month if the taps are not repaired in time.

New tap installations and replacements

Like any other plumbing fixtures and devices, taps are no exception when it comes to longevity. Water taps are not made to last forever and the older the taps get, the more it deteriorates. Deteriorating of the seals inside the water tap is usually the first thing to go bad.

JTS Plumbing can provide your bathroom or kitchen with new, modern, fancy and perfectly working water taps. Our plumbers have been doing water tap installation services for decades. Although, many people can install taps themselves, our plumbers can guarantee their plumbing services to comply with all plumbing installation standards.

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